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Disadvantages Of Internet

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Disadvantages Of Internet

Disadvantages Of Internet

Hello friends I am here providing to the information about Disadvantages Of Internet.

Availability of Knowledge

Disadvantages Of Internet: On Internet lots of knowledge are available almost all information are available on Internet so it is good and also bad availability of knowledge is bad because internet provide information about bomb and also people learned from how to hack, hacking also is illegal.

Smaller World

Disadvantages Of Internet: Due to Internet world become a smaller, you can contact via Internet to any corner of the world, we are connecting to others with social media and with email but it also have problems with us, of this social media and email services other person are watching our personal details.


Disadvantages Of Internet: With this Internet we have lots of advantages like we are doing with this internet lots of work from home like paying bill, transaction of amount, buying anything but this also have disadvantages like such hackers are hacked your account of bank also hacked your email account also hacked your payment detail and those can use your credit card for shopping.


Disadvantages Of Internet: Porn nothing have any one advantage, porn are simply available on the internet, porn have only disadvantages like porn movies are making you devil if you are watching this porn movie, and big problem are of porn huge numbers of children are involved, after watching porn man has want to do sex so via this porn one simple man become a rappist so this is very big disadvantages of internet.

Jobs & Business

Disadvantages Of Internet: Internet is opened the very big doors of Business, internet provides lots of Jobs and fasting the business, via the help of Internet business become faster and faster, so it have advantages in Jobs and business but it also have little disadvantage in Business and jobs, like some peoples are doing work like pay per clicks business, so it provide amounts but some localities have more benefit some other areas like if you are from United State or from United Kingdom and your site or blog ranking in USA and /or UK so you get good amount from per clicks but if you are from India or Pakistan or Sri Lanka and your site ranking in your local country and your neighbour countries you get little amount from per clicks  then USA and UK, friends ranking of blogs and sites on search engines are depend on also area wise.

Data Storage

Disadvantages Of Internet :Internet provides the Data Storage facility also it is good for our but also it have bad for our due to hackers, some hackers are hack your files.

Social networking sites

Disadvantages Of Internet: Social Networking sites is one of the best way to make friends but it have also disadvantages, via this social networking sites lots of frauds are occured, and also social networking sites is also waste of time.

Video uploading sites-

Disadvantages Of Internet: This site have lots of advantages like if you want to know any thing like if you want to know about some cars so you get your information through videos, but this video sites have disadvantages on which lots of peoples are uploading some porn movie also and some other wrongs like making of bomb etc. some it is disadvantage for our normal life.

Answers sites

Answers sites provide some information if you have to ask any thing but on answers sites have some peoples who provide you wrong information.

Matrimonial sites

Matrimonial sites are very helpful for those peoples who are want to find good partner for those lifes but it also have disadvantages like, on matrimonial sites some peoples make fake profile and doing frauds.

Dating sites

Same problems also here as Matrimonial sites some bad peoples are creating fake profile and doing frauds.

Money Transaction Sites

Money transaction sites are targeted by hackers.

Emailing sites

Emailing sites are targeted by spammers, scammers and also hackers, lots of spammers are sending you mails and doing spams, some scammers doings scam that is fraud and some hackers also doing frauds. 

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